Omentielva Nelya

The Third International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien's Invented Languages

6–9 August 2009
Whitehaven, England, United Kingdom

Facilities Coordinator: Tuilinde, Susan Edwards
Secretary: Beregond, Anders Stenström


Registered participants



Thursday 7 p.m. farmhouse high tea is served
  715 p.m. Opening of the conference
Welcome, practical information.
  730 p.m. Guild-meeting — around the tea-table, all participants join the present members of the Mellonath Daeron for a traditional Thursday-evening meeting of the language guild.
Friday early morning breakfast
  9 a.m. Helios De Rosario Martínez: A Methodological Study of Elvish Writing Systems
  10 a.m. Towards an Encoding of Tengwar and Cirth in the Universal Character Set (workshop led by Michael Everson)
  12 noon lunch
  1 p.m. Petri Tikka: God’s Names in Elvish
  215 p.m. An Elvish Learning Curve — report from a primary school Tolkien Reading Fellowship (by members of the Fellowship: Jodi Storer, Abbie Taylor, Natasha Mitchell, Tayah Tailby, and Mick Ennis)
  315 p.m. Obscure Names in Elvish (seminar led by Beregond, Anders Stenström)
  630 p.m. dinner
  730 p.m. Practical Elvish (led by Petri Tikka) — tea
Saturday early morning breakfast
  9 a.m. Helge Fauskanger (in absentia): Challenges in the Exegesis of Tolkien's Linguistic Material
  10 a.m. Måns Björkman: Verb Classes in Late Quenya
  11 p.m. Forces of Language Change in Elvish (discussion led by Beregond)
  12 noon lunch
  1 p.m. Valeria Barouch: Arvernien, or, On the Winding of Rivers
  2 p.m. Melinea, Agnieszka Tańczuk (in absentia): The Language of Magic in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Works
  315 p.m. Elven Poesy (discussion led by Tuilinde, Susan Edwards)
  6 p.m. festive dinner
  730 p.m. Elvish Poets' Circle (led by Tuilinde) — tea
  1030 p.m. Whitehaven Festival fireworks
Sunday morning breakfast
  930 a.m. The Future: we took thought of the Omentielvar in 2011 and 2013
  1045 a.m. Shared bus to Carlisle departs