Omentielva Otsea

The Seventh International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Invented Languages

10 – 13 August 2017
California State University, East Bay, Hayward Campus

Chairman: Christopher Gilson
Secretary: Beregond, Anders Stenström


Registered participants



Thursday 3–5 p.m. check-in and get rooms
  5 p.m. Opening of the conference
Introduction to the programme, and practical information
  530 p.m. dinner
  7 p.m. Practical Elvish (led by Roman Rausch)
Friday 730 a.m. breakfast
  830 a.m. Chairman's Address by Christopher Gilson
  930 a.m. Bertrand Bellet (in absentia): Quenya as a Classical Language — Greek and Latin Inspirations in High-elven
  1030 a.m. The Book I Wrote! (presentation by Fiona Jallings)
  1130 a.m. Alexander Zapryagaev (in absentia): Poetic Metre and Prosody in Eldarin Languages
  1230 lunch
  130 p.m. Carl F. Hostetter: An Analytical Inventory of The Etymologies (work in progress)
  230 p.m. Beregond, Anders Stenström: Phonotactic Preferences Revisited (work in progress)
  330 p.m. Approaches to Teaching and Learning Sindarin and Quenya Online (discussion led by Fiona Jallings)
  430 p.m. Elvish Dictionary Project (report by Roman Rausch)
  530 p.m. dinner
  7 p.m. American as a Foreign Language to Read Tolkien In (discussion led by David Bratman)
  8 p.m. Words Are Like Walnuts (presentation by Bill Welden)
Saturday 730 a.m. breakfast
  830 a.m. Departure for a Tour of Berkeley guided by David Bratman
  1230 lunch
  2 p.m. Bill Welden: How We Got Sindarin
  3 p.m. Roman Rausch: Mapping Out Semantic Spaces in Elvish
  4 p.m. Miriam Mayburd: Dream-words, Dream-lore, and Languages of Ascent: Tolkien's Qenya and Gnomish Lexicons in the Light of Medieval Mystical and Meditative Traditions
  530 p.m. festive dinner
  745 p.m. Cirth in Carolina (presentation by Beregond, Anders Stenström)
  830 p.m. Elvish Poets' Circle (led by Christopher Gilson)
Sunday 730 a.m. breakfast
  830 a.m. Arden Smith: Elvish and Other Featural Scripts
  930 a.m. Måns Björkman: “Usually omitted”: The Long and Convoluted History of hwesta sindarinwa
  1030 a.m. The Future: we will take thought of the Omentielvar in 2019 and 2021
  1130 a.m.
–12 noon
check-out from rooms
  12 noon lunch
  1 p.m. ------- (End of Omentielva Otsea) -------