This is a first version of the programme; adjustments may have to be made.

Thursday 4 p.m. Opening of the conference
Introduction to the programme, and practical information
  430 p.m. Bernd Greisinger: How to Build a Tolkien Collection and Museum
  530 p.m. dinner
  7 p.m. Elmenel, Tsvetelina Krumova: “Parma Eldaliéva”: A Presentation of the First Tengwarin Book Project
  8 p.m. Practical Elvish (led by Petri Tikka)
Friday   breakfast
  915 a.m. Chris Gilson: The Role of Solosimpilin in the Creation of Qenya
  1015 a.m. Roman Rausch: The Cymricity of Sindarin through Time
  1115 a.m. Elvish Pronunciation Workshop (led by Dirk Trappers and Lúthien Athariel)
  1230 p.m. lunch
  130 p.m. Tour of the Greisinger Museum (led by Bernd Greisinger)
  530 p.m. dinner
  7 p.m. The New Version of Glæmscrafu (presentation by Bertrand Bellet)
  745 p.m. Identifying the Requirements for a Quenya & Sindarin Dictionary App (presentation by Lúthien Athariel)
  830 p.m. Finnish documentary Eru Ilúvatar (presented by Petri Tikka)
Saturday   breakfast
  915 a.m. J. ‘Mach’ Wust: The Linguistic Analysis Inherent in the Tengwar
  1015 a.m. Jinn Ito Tsukusu: The Shaping of Middle-mouth: Elvish Writings as Devices in Phonetics
  1115 a.m. Seminar on The Feanorian Alphabet, Part I (led by J. ‘Mach’ Wust)
  1230 p.m. lunch
  130 p.m. Seminar on Quenya Noun Structure (led by Christopher Gilson)
  245 p.m. Seminar on Quenya Verb Structure, first portion (led by Måns Björkman)
  345 p.m. Seminar on Quenya Verb Structure, second portion (led by Dirk Trappers)
  445 p.m. Miriam Mayburd: The Emergence of Language as Play in Tolkien‘s Written Wor(l)d
  630 p.m. festive dinner
  8 p.m. Elvish Poets' Circle (led by Lúthien Athariel)
Sunday   breakfast
  945 a.m. Bertrand Bellet: Months and Seasons in Middle-earth
  1045 a.m. Sindarin Translation Workshop (led by Silvia Ochsenfort and Lúthien Athariel)
  1230 p.m. lunch
  130 p.m. The Future: we will take thought of the Omentielvar in 2017 and 2019
  230 p.m. ------- (End of Omentielva Enquea) -------