Haiku Contest

Any and all were invited to send haiku to Omentielva Lempea, written in either Quenya or Sindarin and with an English translation. The topic was free. Each participant could submit a maximum of two haiku. The haiku were presented anonymously and voted on at the Haiku Workshop of the conference. Participants could vote unless they had submitted haiku or had seen the authors’ names. Points were subtracted for language errors.

Omentielva attendees could submit haiku in English, which if they earned enough votes would be translated at the Haiku Workshop.

Thirty-five haiku were submitted to the contest.


These three best haiku will be rewarded with a small gift, and will be published with the conference proceedings in Arda Philology. (Texts as submitted.)

1 Quilda celumë
Nu erda alda lomë
Sírima tyelpë
A quiet stream
Hides under a solitary tree
Liquid silver
Marianne Larose
2 Hláranyë hwesta:
Palta sara laurëa,
hlussala nandë.
I hear a breeze:
It strokes the golden dry grass,
a whispering harp.
Sascha Mücke
3 Sinda fanyare
Angarilya fanyare
Telpina rosse
Grey skies
Iron-glittering skies
Silver rain
Roman Rausch

Honourable mention

(Texts as submitted.)

Ithil eriol
Dan i anor no dannen?
Elenath istar
A moon rises
But is the sun fallen?
The stars know
Eric Bernard
Nu elin luin
Laiss i mrethil thiliar
Uial dolog!
Under the blue stars
Beechen leaves are glistening.
Trusty twilight!
Luthien Dulk
(The Netherlands)
In eilph reviol
or i ngylf i neryn dhaer
istar leithian.
the flying swans
above the branches of the great oak trees
they know freedom
Anne McNulty
Manen ëa már
Ná hírina engwessen
Ve i lindalda?
How is it home
Is found in things
Like the music of trees?
Kathryn Stutz
Restar laurie
lairaureva alcarde,
yávi’ olori
Golden fields lie
In July morning glory,
Harvesting dreams.
Rosie M. Coope
Or chaw amon
i chwest laich matha thîr nîn.
Udulen — na vedui.
On the hilltop
the sweet breeze touches my face
I have returned — at last.
Luthien Dulk
(The Netherlands)
I thloss en-gwaew dîn,
i hîdh en nen lim na dhû,
i geven tínen.
the whisper of the quiet wind
the peace of the clear water at nightfall
the Earth is silent
Anne McNulty
In aew deliar.
Ú-istog amman dregar?
Tíro! I fain dhuir!
The birds are hiding.
Don't you know why they are fleeing?
Look! The dark clouds!
Sascha Mücke